ELI-France Users workshop


Prospective for laser users 

The "ELI-France Users Workshop" organized by ELI-DC and the CNRS will take place on 5-7 July 2017 at the CNRS headquarters in Paris.


Since decades ultra-fast and ultra-high intensity laser sources are under rapid progress offering the possibility to explore a vast panel of scientific fields with new tools. In this context, several projects in the world are under development to investigate light-matter interactions at highest intensities and shortest time scales.

In Europe, ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure), the first ESFRI project fully implemented in the newer EU Member States, with research facilities (pillars) located in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania will offer unique scientific and research opportunities. This laser research infrastructure will host some of the most intense lasers world-wide, develop new interdisciplinary research opportunities with light from these lasers and secondary radiation derived from them, and make them available to an international scientific user community.


a wide range of new, ultra-short laser and energetic particles sources to serve fundamental research and multidisciplinary applications

This workshop aims to present to the French scientific community the research opportunities offered by the ELI infrastructure, as well as the ones by new French laser facilities like APOLLON an extreme light intensity infrastructure and ATTOLAB a laser platform dedicated to ultrafast dynamic studies. It addresses a broad scientific community (physicists, biologists, chemists, physicians …) and will present a wide range of new ultra-short laser and energetic particles sources to serve fundamental research and multidisciplinary applications.

The new laser facilities and examples of potential research projects will be presented during six sessions. The workshop will also provide a platform for extensive exchanges between scientists and beamlines/instruments supervisors at the three ELI pillars and at Paris-Saclay facilities. Ample room for asking questions and for vivid discussions between all stakeholders will be included in each session. The program will extend over two full days of scientific sessions, and will additionally include a visit of the ultrahigh-power (CILEX/APOLLON) and ultrafast (ATTOLAB) laser infrastructures at the L’Orme des Merisiers Campus.


5th July 2017

9h15 Participants registration

10h Session 1 "Opening and Facilities Tour"

  • Welcome word
  • Equipment readiness for users / schedule 2018-2020 (G. Korn | ELI-BL)
  • Apollon : technical capabilities, scientific stream and agenda (F. Amiranoff | CNRS/LULI)
  • Equipment readiness for users / schedule 2018-2020 (K. Tanaka | ELI-NP)
  • Attolab : technical capabilities, scientific stream and agenda (T. Ruchon | CEA/LIDyL)
  • Equipment readiness for users / schedule 2018-2020 (K. Osvay | ELI-ALPS)

12h05 Buffet Lunch

13h30 Session 2 "Ultrafast dynamics"

  • Fundamental studies in condensed matter (K. Hricovini | Univ. Cergy-Pontoise/LPMS)
  • XUV induced ultrafast interactions (E. Constant | CNRS/iLM)
  • Ultrafast nanooptics, applications and ELI-ALPS opportunities (D. Dombi | ELI-ALPS)
  • Plasma mirrors for optics and attosecond particle sources (F. Quéré | CEA/LIDyL)
  • Round table

15h30 Coffee break

16h Session 3 "Secondary sources I"

  • Wakefield acceleration at ultrahigh repetition rates using single-cycle light pulses (J. Faure | CNRS/LOA)
  • Advanced attosecond sources (D. Charalambidis | ELI-ALPS)
  • Ion beamline ELI-MAIA for multidisciplinary applications (D. Margarone | ELI-BL)
  • 10 PW lasers & bright tunable gamma-beam at ELI-NP (D. Ursescu / C. Ur | ELI-NP)
  • Round table

20h Dinner at Atelier Maître Albert, Paris 5e


6th July 2017

8h Participants registration

8h30 Session "Nuclear physics"

  • Nuclear excitations in plasmas (D. Denis-Petit | CNRS/CENBG)
  • Experimental nuclear astrophysics (F. Hammache | CNRS/IPNO)
  • Gamma-beam experiments at ELI-NP : day-one is tomorrow (D. Balabanski | ELI-NP)
  • New opportunities in nuclear physics with 10 PW lasers (D. Stutman | ELI-NP)
  • Round table

10h30 Coffee break

11h Session 5 "Secondary sources II / Fundamental interactions

  • Atomic and molecular time-resolved experiments on the attosecond timescale at ELI-ALPS (G. Sansone | ELI-ALPS)
  • Breit-Wheeler process induced by gamma-rays produced with high intensity lasers (X. Ribeyre | Univ. Bordeaux/CELIA)
  • Plasma and high-fiels physics (O. Renner or M. Smid | ELI-BL)
  • Future propects in proton acceleration (J. Fuchs | CNRS/LULI)
  • Round table

13h Buffet Lunch

14h Session 6 "Societally relevant applications

  • PICS codes and HPCC for UHI Physics (H. Vincenti | CEA/LIDyL)
  • Actual status of proton therapy and prospects (A. Flacco | ENSTA ParisTech/LOA)
  • Applications in molecular, biomedical and material science (J. Andreasson | ELI-BL)
  • New laser-driven X-ray sources for biomedical applications (Ph. Zeitoun | CNRS/LOA)
  • Round table

16h Coffee break

16h30 Closing remarks


7th July 2017

8h30 Visit of the Paris-Saclay laser infrastructures (Attolab, Apollon) with prior registration 
(a bus will start at 8:30 AM at the main entrance of CNRS, 3 rue Michel-Ange, Paris 16e, and will take you back at the same location at around 13:00 PM)

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Free entry on online registration

Registration deadline : 23th June 2017

Scientific committee : 
Marc Sentis - CNRS Institute of physics ; Catalin Miron - ELI-DC ; Philippe Martin - CEA/DRF ; Medhi Tarisien - Université de Bordeaux

Local organizing committee : 
INP : Bettina Saunière, Paule Mayenga, Marine Charlet-Lambert, Marie Signoret


Marc Sentis
Chargé de mission institut
Communication INP